Yelp Comment #5

Jason G, you come in here with your bro’s making too loud racket.  I immediately made decision to not give you fresh uni, but to reserve it for Royal Customer.  That how it work here, Bro.  Sushi never par a Zushi Puzzle, Zushi always the best.  It funny to me that you went to bathroom and look on other people plates for uni.  I don’t come to your job looking in other people hands for bacon cheddar Gordita Crunch?!   Go try other sushi but no one make sushi like Roger’s sushi, man.  “Don’t these people know we bitch and complain on Yelp?”  Yeah, me know.  You got Elite on Yelp I notice.  You must be proud of your accomplishment.  Me, I work 10 years just to perfect rice for sushi.  Kids like you don’t know what accomlishment is.  Next time don’t ask for fork at sushi Murasaki.  We got sushi mafia, don’t you know?  あっちへ行け!



Yelp Comment #4

Armstrong.  I cannot help you unless you help self first.  What kinda non-sequitur is you first sentence? You confusing, man.  Why you complaining about?  If you knew anything the sushi-bar reservations are the first to be filled.  MEANING, people wanna eat at the bar (real sushi lovers) and Roger serve them.  You are very hard to follow.  You think we need change business strategy, yet you come in and reservations already filled.  Tell me how it bad?  5pm and already filled for the night?  It’s good strategy I think.  You need change LIFE STRATEGY, brother.  Why do you think we are so difficult to make a reservation.  We harder to get into then Danko. Call us. Just pull out iPhone, click on your Yelp app and scroll up from your crappy review and find our number.


Yelp Comment #3

Wendy, People make reservations to Zushi because sushi is good.  When don’t walk-ins take a “back-seat” to reservations?  Maybe at McDonalds?  “The wait here is ridiculous” must tell you  something about the sushi too.   “For true Sashimi fans…”  You wouldn’t know Sashimi or their “fans” even if a pencil fish smacked you in the a**.  Btw, who ever uses “keened my boyfriend on to”? You trying to talk cute?  “Without the be-seen scene”?  Zushi Puzzle is THE PLACE TO BE SCENE if you like good sushi.   Get real Wendy, stop talking like you better.  You can do better?  Why you throw such cheap shots at us?   Why has there been a buzz about us since we opened.  I NEVER want you to come in here again!  却下!


Yelp COmment #2

Marta, you shouldn’t follow hype anyway. If this sushi most awful how come..wait is that boyfriend in picture with you?  You trying to prove to people on Yelp you have BF?  And 75% sushi on plate?  Another American with eyes bigger than stomach.  How can you complain about Edamame?  Trader Joe and us use the same bag, so jokes on you.  Our fish is good.  We have no complaints.  Maybe since you like Taco Bell, you prefer Filet-O-Fish over Japanese market sushi.  I noticed you “gave each roll a chance”  proves you don’t know Zushi.  I think you know what I mean.  Ask someone if you need a hint.  I’m sure Taco Bell suits your palate better anyways.  Good luck with the “BF”.


Yelp comment #1

First of all Chatree, What sort of name is that? Secondly complaing about sitting at the bar won’t help you, it’s for Royal Customer.  You Royal Customer?  I think not. 

Our staff ain’t confused, we all have worked here for years.  Maybe confused at you and your friends matching scarves?  Also, raising your hand helps no one.  Ever been to a bar?  Bartenders tend to ignore the folks waving arms, screaming “hey” etc.  I think you get the picture.  

It is pointless also to argue about how fresh our sushi is.  We pick it up daily.  And we are one of first in line at the market.  So maybe go back to Safeway for your fresh California rolls, your loss.  And by the way chicken sukiyaki never great.  It’s chicken remember?  You here for sushi.  We actually glad you not coming back.  Anyone who wears scarfs indoors while eating not welcome no more.


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